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ACL Reflectors for Philips Fortimo LED DLM

FortimoThe ACL reflector series for the Philips Fortimo LED DLM Flex range is currently unrivalled on the market. The whole series comprises four highly efficient rotational symmetrical and two square reflectors with different beam angles. It’s striking features are their uniform light distributions and their extremely high light output ratios with more than 82%*. They are available with specular, semi-matt and matt finishes.

Fortimo LED DLMAll models allow for an easy fixation** to the Fortimo and the Fortimo Lexel housing by an additional fixation adapter to be easily fixed to the Fortimo LED DLM bottom side by three screws. The square reflectors come with a special fixing ring which can be easiliy connected with the fixation adapter. This solution makes it a snap for electricians to insert the reflector into the luminaire housing as the final step during the installation of the whole luminaire into the ceiling. It guarantees both a perfect fit to the LED downlight module and a technically sophisticated appearance.

Fortimo 5716 The small size of all models allows them to be used in tight spaces. The maximum height of reflector and DLM does not exceed 120mm (160mm for model with narrow beam) so that there is still enough place for the obligatory heat sink(s) which should be positioned on top and/or at two sides of the DLM***.

The youngest members in the range of round reflectors for the Philips Fortimo LED DLM Flex are two rotational symmetrical reflectors with beam spreads of less than 2x20°. Their design with the characteristic fixing neck fits into the existing Fortimo LED DLM reflector range ensuring accurate, uniform illumination as well as an especially high level of efficiency. What makes these reflectors outstanding is that they achieve narrow beam spreads despite their shallow height.

The new reflectors are ideal for many commercial and residential applications – corridors, staircases, bars, restaurants – in short, anywhere with long burning hours that demands an inviting and economic lighting solution.

Product data of reflectors for Philips Fortimo LED DLM


ACL order code Diameter/Dimensions Height Shape Beam Spread  
5818(S)HGL GL 160 mm 123 mm round narrow  
5802(S)HGL GL 160 mm 103 mm round medium  
5716(S)HGL GL 160 mm 83 mm round medium  
5717(S)HGL GL 160 mm 83 mm round flood  
5732(S)HGL GL 160 x 160 mm 71.5 mm square medium  
5733(S)HGL GL 160 x 160 mm 71.5 mm square flood  

Fixation Adapter for Round and Square Models

ACL order code Description  
5703 MAT GL made from aluminium, with three M4 threads and three tightly inserted spring plungers  

Fixation Ring for Square Models

ACL order code Description  
5736 MAT GL made from aluminium with three round holes  

* = results of high specular version
** = registered design
*** = please see Philips Fortimo Application Guide for more detailed information
All measures are subject to change without notice. Errors excepted.

Please note: new products are marked in green.

If you should need help in finding the most suitable heat sink for the Fortimo LED DLM or if you should need further information, please contact our sales staff by clicking here.