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Reflector Design

Besides the lamp the reflector represents the fundamental part of a luminaire mainly determining its beam spread and its light output ratio. In order to achieve the highest light output ratio possible, the design of a reflector has to be based on the physical and photometric characteristics of the lamp used as well as on the type of luminaire and its physical and thermal properties. The result of the design process is a high-efficiency reflector with a specified beam spread optimally adapted to the luminaire.

ACL-Lichttechnik GmbH accomodates the gaining importance of Light Emitting Diodes (LED) in lighting by using special LED reflector design tools in combination with the long-lasting experíence of our constructing engineers to realize LED reflectors with optimal light directing properties.

As the design is only the first step on the way to the final product splitting your product development orders up on different suppliers could cause coordination and responsibility problems. ACL-Lichttechnik GmbH makes sure that the final reflector fully matches the designed reflector because ACL also controls the whole process of manufacture including the accurate production of the tooling (if a tool is necessary at all).

Benefit from the more than twentyseven years of experience of ACL-Lichttechnik GmbH in the field of reflector design and reflector manufacture. Trust in the design skills of our technical engineering team and take the opportunity to get design and manufacture from one single source.

By the way: the design process could also include our support in finding a reasonable and simple way of fixing the reflector to the luminaire housing.

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