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The name ACL-Lichttechnik GmbH has been a synonym for high-quality reflectors "Made in Germany" for more than 35 years now. What is immediately associated with this name is a range of standard round, rectangular and linear reflectors and louvres currently comprising more than 1,500 models.


Besides standard reflectors, designed by ACL-Lichttechnik GmbH and available to every customer, ACL-Lichttechnik GmbH is increasingly asked to also design and manufacture custom-made reflectors and louvres. These are made on the basis of specifications like technical drawings provided by the customer.


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Latest brochure

High quality aluminium reflectors for LED Spotlights.

Enjoy the variety of LED spotlight reflectors and gain a thorough insight into the latest reflector technology with ACL’s latest brochure "Reflectors for LED Spotlights".


You will be made familiar with the newest developments in the field of highly efficient LED spotlight reflectors which are perfectly suited for all lighting applications with concentrated accent lighting. All reflectors excel in high light output ratios and even light distributions. Extensive photometric data enable you to immediately assess the photometric properties of each reflector.


Reflectors for Xicato XIM/XTM LED modules.

ACL-Lichttechnik GmbH is presenting a new series of spotlight reflectors for the latest XIM and XTM LES19 LED modules from Xicato. It combines highest light output ratios with precise and uniform light distributions.


The new reflector series comprises four faceted models with different beam patterns ranging from spot to wide flood ensuring precise lighting. The overall diameter of all models is 71.5mm and can be easily enlarged or reduced to maximum 70mm. All reflectors are equipped with a ACL-specific state-of-the-art faceting guaranteeing a homogenous light.