Osram PrevaLED Cube G1

Optimally glare-reduced. Wide beam spreads. Easy fastening.

  • Highly specular round reflectors made from chemically polished and anodised super pure aluminium. 
  • Optimised for use with Osram PrevaLED Cube G1 LED downlight module. 
  • Two models available.
  • Wide and very wide light distribution.
  • High light output ratios.
  • Flood version with UGR factor <19.
  • Wide Flood version with UGR factor =20
  • Easy fixation to the module housing with optional fixation adapter.
  • Homogenous light with almost no color appearances and no multiple shadow effects.
  • Ideally suited for many general lighting applications like offices, corridors, service areas, lobbies, lounges, restaurants, changing rooms, reception areas and waiting rooms.

     suitable for LED modules from:

LED Downlight Reflectors suitable for Osram PrevaLED Cube G1

ACL article code Diameter Height Beam
6297(S)HGL GL 160 mm 85 mm Flood
6298(S)HGL GL 160 mm 85 mm Wide Flood

Overall diameters changeable. Both models also available with sandblasted finish.

LED Downlight Reflector 6298
LED Downlight Reflector 6298

PrevaLED Cube, Reflector, Fixation Adapter
PrevaLED Cube, Reflector, Fixation Adapter


ACL article code Description
6300(ROH)GL Fixation adapter made from stainless steel