Round LED wallwash reflectors for optimal lighting of vertical surfaces

  • Highly specular or semi-matt round wallwash reflectors made from reflectivity-enhanced and colourfree super pure aluminium for highest reflectivity. 
  • Optimised for use with Zhaga-compliant LED modules from Philips, Osram, Vossloh-Schwabe and Tridonic as well as for LED modules from Bridgelux, Citizen, Cree and Xicato.  
  • Asymmetrical light distributions for exceptional uniform levels of illuminance on the wall.
  • Very high light output ratios.
  • Homogenous light with almost no color appearances and no multiple shadow effects.
  • Ideally suited for lighting of walls in museums as well as in sales and promotional areas.
  • Perfect supplement to the already exsting LED downlight reflector series QR3, QR5 and QR7.

     suitable for LED modules from:

Round LED Wallwash Reflectors suitable for Zhaga-compliant LED modules

ACL article code Diameter Height


6462(S)HGL GL 160 mm 41 mm highly specular
6462(S)SS GL 160 mm 41 mm


6463(S)HGL GL 195 mm 47 mm

highly specular

6463(S)SS GL 195 mm 47 mm


Overall dimensions changeable.

LED Downlight Reflector 6463
LED Wallwash Reflector 6463
LED Wallwash Reflector 6463
LED Wallwash Reflector 6463