Round Xicato spotlight reflectors excelling in quality and performance.

  • Highly specular faceted round reflectors made from high-grade aluminium chemically polished and anodised for highest reflectivity. 
  • Optimised for use with Xicato XIM/XTM LED modules.
  • Four different models to choose from.
  • Three models with highly specular, one model with sandblasted inside finish.
  • Four different light distribution.
  • High light output ratios.
  • All models with outstanding faceting for efficient light control.
  • All models equipped with an adapter for easy fixation to the XIM and XTM module using the Xicato adapter rings XSA-242 and XSA-242.
  • Homogenous light with almost no color appearances and no multiple shadow effects.
  • Perfectly suited for all lighting applications - from concentrated accent lighting to wide area background lighting in spotlights and downlights.

suitable for LED module from:

Round reflectors Ø 71.5 mm, LES 19, suitable for Xicato XIM/XTM LED modules

ACL article code Diameter Height Beam
6371(S)HGL FAC 71.5 mm 54.5 mm narrow

6372(S)HGL FAC

71.5 mm 54.5 mm medium
6373(S)HGL FAC 71.5 mm 54.5 mm flood
6374(S)SS FAC 71.5 mm 54.5 mm wide flood

Overall diameter changeable

Xicato reflector 6372
Xicato reflector 6372